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Our award-winning mentoring program is specifically designed to empower young women to become extraordinary individuals. Our goal is to expose our members to new possibilities for their lives through innovative educational workshops, community service projects, authentic cultural arts activities, college tours and more.


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 Name: Heather Bright

  Occupation: 3rd Grade Teacher

  How many years have you been a mentor/volunteer with FG? 2 years

  What do you like most about being a part of FG?  I love empowering young
   women to be confident in their talents.  I love that we always do a circle of        exultation in which we compliment our sister on the right and tell
one thing      that we learned from any given event.  It reminds us to be grateful and               celebrate each other's beauty.

   What has been your most memorable experience or event? Why?  My most
   memorable experience with Fertile Ground is always the Martin Luther King      Jr. parade.  This is a time where we spend hours just talking and having fun.        We build relationships with all of the girls that attend and get to know what        they like and don't like.  During the parade there is no pressure to "connect"      or talk with one another and the process is natural. It's always my favorite           part of the year because I get to see the girls sparkle as they wave to the            crowd.  It's like walking in the parade allows them to feel as beautiful and          important as they really are.

  What would you say to others who may be contemplating becoming a                  mentor with our program? Being a part of Fertile Ground isn't just for the
   mentees, but for the mentors as well.  I've been so supported during this very    difficult year and have learned a lot from the girls in the program.

   What word(s) would you use to describe FG? Empowering is the best word
   to describe Fertile Ground, whether it's dinner or learning how to dance,
   girls and women alike encourage and empower each other to be their best



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