Board of Directors

L.Gregory Dorsey       Chairperson

LiveMoreDaily CEO, Author, and Speaker

My love and passion to see people become their better self is the reason why Fertile Ground is such a perfect fit. Empowering, engaging and encouraging young women to reach their fullest potential creates stronger families, communities and inevitably the world! #RippleEffect

Stephanie Mapp        Vice-Chair

Manager, Benefits/Total Rewards

My personal manifesto includes putting God first, and living life to the fullest.  As a new member of the esteemed Fertile Ground Board of Directors, I look forward to serving our mentees, as they too live their lives to the fullest, while developing into strong and confident young women.

Edrice Bell        Secretary

Director of Science and Social Studies

It is an honor to be a board member because I have a passion for helping people, especially young people. I believe in the vision and mission of Fertile Ground - to aid in getting young women to see their innovative and extraordinary selves; young women who BELIEVE and TRULY KNOW they can be and do anything.

Marla Jamison     Treasurer

Senior Manager of  Analytics Consulting Firm

One thing my mom taught me growing up was if I get a good education, work hard and don’t ever give up on my goals and aspirations, I can be and have anything I want.  I want to share that same lesson with other women and let them know the impossible is always possible and Fertile Ground is a great organization for me to share this personal lesson with.

Tiffany Burgess

Public Health Professional, Author, and Screenwriter

I thoroughly enjoy working with children and adolescents. I’m excited and honored to bring my public health and writing experience to Fertile Ground.

Alisha Fleming

Litigation Paralegal

I get excited by new people and new ideas. Fertile Ground gives me an opportunity to learn and grow while serving a cause greater than myself.

Kareemah Lewis


I am excited about Fertile Ground because I am the product of its efforts. As a first generation college graduate I can personally relate to a community that sowed value and knowledge into me. Surrounded by successful mentors growing up aided me in my journey to become the first to graduate college and the first lawyer in my family. I know the Fertile Ground formula works because it has worked for me. And I am excited to help shape and form the next generation of successful women.

Sherell McArthur

Assistant Professor of Elementary Education

I am excited about Fertile Ground because it is a space that provides opportunities for girls to find socio-emotional and educational empowerment, to (re)define who they are.

Carley Mason     

Business Consultant

As a Fertile Ground board member, I enjoy working with my fellow board members to develop and execute programs and activities that help expose young girls to learning opportunities they might not necessarily have the option of experiencing.  Whether it is a college campus tour, a museum visit or the opportunity to work with a mentor, I believe that Fertile Ground is helping to shape the future leaders of tomorrow, one girl at a time.

Marilyn Foust

Retired Teacher, ABC In-Home Tutoring Services

I am truly fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of an award-winning mentoring program for the past 17 years as a mentor.  My success with Fertile Ground has been led by my passion and dedication in supporting the educational workshops, cultural arts experiences, college tours, and community arts programs.  Now, it is an honor and a privilege to serve as a board member.  I look forward to using my gifts and talents to continue in providing opportunities to nurture and empower our young ladies to become successful and productive that will last a lifetime.