“Mentoring is the cultivation of young adults, the tender caring for and nurturing of them so that they will grow, flourish, and be fruitful" ~ Jeff Myers


Fertile Ground was specifically designed to empower young women to become extraordinary individuals. Our goal is to expose our members to new possibilities for their lives through innovative educational workshops, authentic cultural arts activities, college tours and more. Most importantly, we strive to develop in them a spirit of giving through vital community service projects. Members are matched with a trained mentor who is committed to being a stable, trustworthy and positive role model. The mentor-mentee relationship is further cultivated through interactions during our monthly meetings. Currently, Fertile Ground has one local chapter in Georgia, but plans to develop other chapters nationwide.


Membership: Fertile Ground candidates are nominated by teachers, parents/guardians and community members. Candidates must be in the 5th-12th grades to be considered for membership. Nominees must complete a letter of interest, two letters of recommendation and attend an interview with a parent or guardian. Parents or guardians of candidates must also attend a mandatory information session.


Purpose: To nurture and empower young women so they can positively impact their families, peers, and community.


Mission: To deliver a high quality mentoring program that supports young women in developing positive self-images and inspires them to be extraordinary individuals.











  • Plant Seeds of Knowledge - Enhance existing life skills through innovative workshops

  • Strengthen the Roots - Emphasize character and integrity

  • Cultivate Curiosity - Foster creativity through the arts

  • Grow Through Giving Back - Develop a spirit of service to others in the community

  • Harvest the Rewards - Teach the importance of setting and achieving personal goals

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